A fresh out of the box new service from Pakistan Telecommunications Limited (PTCL), the main settled line administrator in Pakistan, enables you to see a PTCL subscriber’s phone bill! By and large all you have to know is the telephone number so this implies you can see nearly anybody’s phone bill online!

Check your Telephone Bill Online

First go to PTCL’s billing territory and enter the total phone number.

PTCL online billing

PTCL telephone bill query

PTCL duplicate bill

At that point in the record ID field you enter your record ID from your PTCL bill. In case that you don’t have a clue about the record ID attempt this PTCL account ID generator:

ptcl duplicate bill

Telephone number (without zone code):


When you’ve entered the telephone number and record ID tap on the pursuit catch and your bill will (ideally) be shown. Beneath you can see a case of a bill for a NIB bank office! In any case, in principle you can see anybody’s bill.

PTCL bill

Snap to see the total bill!

Without a doubt this administration by PTCL is a genuine infringement of protection. In spite of the fact that PTCL does not show the genuine telephone numbers called, it displays things like the National Tax Number and the location.

KESC bill

The Karachi Electricity Shortage Supply Company (KESC) additionally has a comparable online bill seeing administration. Be that as it may, they expect you to enter your record number to see your bill. This is more secure than PTCL’s administration however a long way from perfect. They should secret phrase ensure the bill seeing area and just permit subscribers who agree to accept this office to see their own bill.


Pakistan is the nation with the world’s biggest biometric (unique finger impression) database of its nationals overseen by an administration organization called NADRA. About 90 million person’s information is put away in NADRA’s database. So one ought not expect security in such a nation. NADRA has an administration whereby you can SMS a person’s Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) number to 7000 and get an answer containing their full name!

Security suggestions

While these little bits of information may sound innocuous, you can sort out a really decent profile of a person from them. You can construe things about the subscriber’s budgetary position by seeing his telephone or power bill. How rich would he say he is? Does he pay his bills routinely or does he have income issues? Does he make a great deal of calls abroad or not? Or on the other hand essentially whether the individual is right now at home or in the midst of a furlough!

Clearly web administrations ought not be executed this way. You don’t simply uncover your subscriber’s data online like this.